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Are You Marketing In The Year You Actually Live In?

The Best Marketing Mind on the Planet, Gary Vaynerchuk suggests many of you are NOT!!

“…The game has changed my friends. Everyone knows
the internet represents one of the biggest
culturalshifts since the printing press.

It’s now a second home for most people, both
sociallyand for shopping, and doing business.

If this is where people’s eyeballs are going,
this is where business must go.

Money goes where the people go, where there is an
audience, advertisers are eager to follow. They
used tospend their money on traditional media.
Radio, television, newspaper, magazines. Those
platforms are losing eyeballs to the online
world by the second. And many businesses
never implemented the leaner, meaner business
model they needed to stay alive. 

They’re getting very close to being dead. If the
survivors still using traditional media don’t adjust
to the new competitors, 30 years from now
with the same curiousity they now reserve for
dinosaurs and fossils.”

– Gary Vaynerchuk
:Crush It

Now before you get all cranky and offended, Gary isn’t meaning to upset you.

This is his opinion and is a very well informed and well researched one.

Not one person on this planet has studied the ill-fated marketing weapons of 21st Century businesses more than Gary, and he has filled books on what he has found works, and does NOT work, to gain the attention of the modern day consumer.


Frankly, people’s eyes are not where they used to be even ten years ago, and so, any marketing and advertising designed to get the attention where the eyeballs WERE, is almost guaranteed to fail if the consumer’s eyeballs are no longer there.

So, with that in mind, we have assembled a who’s who of business owners, Marketing Experts, (even Jerry Seinfeld’s favourite marketing mind) thought leaders and coaches to show you, precisely, step by step, exactly how to get the attention of the modern day consumer, get put on the shopping list when someone in your marketplace needs your product or service, and position you as the only logical choice once you have gotten their attention.

See Here It Is

We have done the practice work and the testing, and what we are left with, is what you will be handed over the course of Real Estate Armageddon…

  • Discover Marketing Systems, Tools and Strategies to attract your ideal customers – all figured out and handed over to you.
  • Step-By-Step Instructions & Blueprints to Use Immediately in Your Business
  • Start Making Sales & Getting More Listings, Faster
  • Slice Off Years of Trial And Error

Get the S*Y*S*T*E*M that our most successful business owners use every day that Saves You Stress, Time, Energy, and Money




This isn’t’ a seminar where you get to sing “Kum-Ba-Yah:’ take some notes, and not take any action. Real Estate ARMAGEDDON is two days of intense workshops – and you’ll leave with marketing pieces, a real campaign and an implementation plan that you and your team can start using immediately.

And we make it drop-dead simple for you. Instead of delving into “theory” of why things work, we reveal 100% applicable, “do this, and then do that” steps. You don’t have to decide what to do. You just DO.

Get the EXACT systems, blueprints and strategies that work. You’ll even get help from experts on exactly how you apply these to your exact level of experience and unique marketplace.


This event is carefully designed from start to finish to put in your hands actionable items that are EXACTLY what you need to IMPLEMENT right now – so you can quickly and easily put your business on track for immediate and fast growth.

If you can follow “paint-by-numbers” campaigns, “copy and paste” systems and “drag and drop” strategies then you have what it takes to slam dunk new sales opportunities and profits right into your business, as soon as you get back to your place of business!


All you have to do is “legally steal” the proven systems, templates, and strategies we give our Top Clients and implement them for your own business.
Just sign up – that’s it. Then get set to be immersed in what’s working now foragents just like you!

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No more scratching your head wondering what to do next. And no more running from shiny object to shiny object hoping that your results in 2016 will be different this time around.

The REAL discoveries happen in a LIVE setting where you're in the middle of a step-by-step, cohesive SYSTEM for getting more listing opportunities into your business.

Don't let another three or four months slip by, trapped by the way things are going now. Stop banging your head against the wall. Piggyback on what's already working for the "best of the best."

But Don't Just Take My Word...

Here's What Others Have To Say


Gary Vaynerchuk is simply in a class of his own when it comes to personal branding and business building in the 21st Century.

He is simply without peer. Not only has Gary’s techniques taken as ‘ordinary’ a business as a bottlo in New Jersey (ok, the yanks call it a local liquor store, haha) he took this bottlo from 2-3 Million dollars a year annually to an unprecedented $60 Million and still owns the business to this day.

But Gary also proved he is no fluke by also becoming not once, not twice but a FOUR times Best Selling author, with his breakthrough books, Crush It, the Thank You Economy, the incredible Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook... and of course, the brand new ‘AskGaryVee’ book.

And if there was any doubt left that this guy is a marketing genius, he has, from scratch, with $0 in start up costs, built the largest, yes the LARGEST digital media agency in the world, with over 500 employees.

Frankly the guy is a marketing phenomenon and you get him up close, personal and believe me, he will be IN YOUR FACE!!!


Check Out What Gary Says About The Current State Of Business

The Greatest Opportunity In The History Of Business… IS NOW!

“...for every Instagram, there’s 80,000 Insta-SHITS”

You’re 50+ Years Old, It’s Not Too Late For You... I Promise

“’s hard for somebody who’s of a older demographic to understand this is that realistic for them, and they feel that this is a young man’s sport, AND IT’S JUST NOT”

The Hardest Marketing Lesson You Are Likely To Hear

“99% of the people in this room are not marketing in the year that we actually live in”


Alt Text

Gary Vaynerchuck

Gary Vaynerchuk builds businesses. Fresh out of college he took his family wine business and grew it from a $3M to a $60M business in just five years. Now he runs Vayner Media, one of the world’s hottest digital agencies. Gary is the New York Times best-selling author of Crush It!, The Thank You Economy and Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. Along the way he became a prolific angel investor and venture capitalist, investing in companies like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Uber, and Birchbox before eventually co-founding VaynerRSE, a $25M angel fund.

Gary also currently hosts The #AskGaryVee Show, a way of providing as much value as possible by taking questions about social media, entrepreneurship, startups, and family businesses and giving his answers based on a lifetime of building successful, multi-million dollar companies. The show is also available as a podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and SoundCloud.

Gary is also a prolific public speaker, delivering keynotes at events like Le Web, and SXSW, which you can watch on his YouTube channel.

He was named to both Fortune and Crain’s “40 under 40″ lists in consecutive years, and has been profiled in the New York Times, Fortune and Inc.

Alt Text

Glenn Twiddle

Rebel Real Estate Marketer (and the man who bought you Arnold Schwarzenegger) provides real estate agents a step by step, 1-2-3 system for becoming the Number 1 Real Estate Agent in your area in 3 years or less, no matter what your experience right now, Using a combination of ‘Guerrilla Marketing,’ ‘Outrageous Advertising’ and ‘Out of the Box’ marketing ideas, Glenn has helped some of the most influential and skilled agents in the country, and now Internationally including Canada, USA and NZ, take their career to a new level.

Alt Text

Adrian Bo

With such high profile clients as Jennifer Hawkins, , Baz Luhrmann, Peter O’Brien, Kimberley Davies, Brad Shepherd, Lisa Ho, Mike Willesee, Shane Lee, Brett Lee, Greg Inglis, Stephen Hunter, Sophie Falkner, David Warner & Candice Falzon it comes as no surprise that Adrian Bo is consistently in the Top 10 agents across Australia! Adrian brings a wealth of knowledge into our Titans of Real Estate and will share with you the exact steps he took to be one of the best of the best the industry has ever seen!

Alt Text

Tom Carlin

The next generation of Million Dollar Agent (or 2 Million as it is in Tom’s case) Tom Carlin (at just 26 years old!) is seen as the upper echelon, real estate royalty, the young gun of Australian real estate, the one person that everyone is watching to see what his next move will be, the one man that demands perfection of his team… and they enthusiastically deliver day in and day out! This young man stands to be one of the most successful real estate agents ever to produce in Australia. And according to Tom, he's just warming up !!

Alt Text

Chris Gilmour

Australia’s Fastest Real Estate Agent! Meet the guy who became a household name in real estate in his second year. Chris will give you ALL the short cuts you need to take over your territory very FAST! These are the ideas and concepts you will want to copy and install into your business to quickly get more listings and make more sales. During this impressive presentation, Chris shares some brand new strategies, that when he first revealed them to a small group of his closest confidants, just dropped their jaw, and sees him maintaining his Million Dollar status year in and year out, while doing less hours each year and spending more time with his family.

Alt Text

Aaron Sansoni 

One of the most in-demand sales trainers in the world, Aaron Sansoni (known as ‘The Sales King”) will share his business secrets normally reserved for Millionaire Mindset clients who pay him $25,000.00 a day! (Making him the highest paid Sales Trainer in Australian real estate). Recently nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year, Aaron will empower you with his 'Sales 3.0' philosophy! Sales in the 21st Century has changed, and none and more equipped than Aaron to show you the path to success in this new economy. Considered one of the leading business authorities on the planet, he has shared the stage with countless global speakers, as well as entrepreneurial business heavyweights like Richard Branson!

Alt Text

Charles Tarbey

Charles (Chas) Tarbey is the Chairman and Owner of CENTURY 21 Australasia. He is regarded as one of the leading property experts in Australia with a huge amount of experience and knowledge from a lifetime of real estate involvement.

Charles began his career in the industry in 1972 as an Assistant Property Manager. At the age of eighteen, Charles sold his first home and three years later purchased a Real Estate business with the equity gained through a home he had previously purchased.

In March 1983, he embarked upon his biggest challenge and commenced Combined Real Estate, which became a well-known Sydney and New South Wales Real Estate Franchise Network that Charles built to 56 offices. On September 29 1995 Charles purchased the Australasian arm of CENTURY 21 and merged the two companies. This now sees CENTURY 21 operating hundreds of offices throughout the Australasian region.

In 2011, Charles acquired the property assets of Wentworth Services (8000 Residential, Commercial and Industrial managements), one of Australia's largest property management groups. The purchase saw this property management business integrated into his main company CENTURY 21, making it one of the country's largest and most diverse property groups.

Alt Text

John Dwyer

John Dwyer (known as “JD” by most of his clients) is a marketing enigma.

Having pulled off the ‘marketing coup of the century’ when John coaxed Jerry Seinfeld out of retirement as the marketing spokesman and endorser of a little known Aussie Building Society. Worldwide publicity and the tripling of that businesses profits quickly followed.

When it comes to creating sales for small businesses, his “thinking” is refreshingly unconventional.

Thank goodness!

Because there are way too many so-called marketing experts out there who simply pedal the same old “marketing 101″ philosophies which mostly fail miserably.

John preaches “in a sea of sameness in your industry, you need to stand out like a beacon – and the best way to do this is by using wow factor marketing techniques”.

John thinks “way outside the square” and brings proven wow factor ideas to the table for small business owners – not the motherhood marketing waffle we all hear from many self-professed advertising experts.

Alt Text

Chris Gray

Chris Gray is one of Australia’s leading independent investment property experts, giving home buyers and investors simple yet powerful strategies to create wealth and lifestyle options through property.

Host of ‘Your Property Empire’ on the popular Sky Business News Channel and the Financial Judge on Channel Ten's 'The Renovators'. He started off in TV as the Property Expert on Channel Nine’s My Home TV. Outside of ‘Your Property Empire’, Chris has provided property advice regularly on Channel Nine, major Australian radio programs, major metropolitan newspapers Australia-wide, property magazines and industry trade journals. He has been profiled in The Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Life magazine, Sunday Times, The Advertiser, Sunday Mail, Your Investment Property, Australian Property Investor, Your Mortgage, Real Estate Institute of NSW Journal, Australian Broker and more.

Alt Text

Caleb Maddix

Caleb Maddix is 14 Years old and he is the Author of "Keys to Success for Kids!" He is also the Founder and CEO of Kids4Success! He travels the GLOBE doing speaking with powerful WORLD CHANGERS! But out of everything he does his number one focus is to give people Motivation, Inspiration, and Education to live the life of their dreams! He does this by doing 1 on 1 coaching, speaking, writing, and putting out daily content on FACEBOOK, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, Periscope, and other social media platforms!

Alt Text

Dale Beaumont

An entertaining and dynamic communicator, Dale has appeared extensively in the media, contributing on a wide range of topics.

Bestselling business author of an unprecedented SIXTEEN books, Dale Beaumont is an ‘Entrepreneurial Phenom.’

No fluff, no hyperbole, you will be handed Dale’s favourite 20 tech hacks to do what entrepreneurs like Gary Vee and others don’t have time to go into the nitty gritty about. All those shortcuts that will save you time, and make you look like a rockstar to your audience or marketplace.

Having personally appeared on on Sunrise, Today Show, Mornings with Kerri-Anne, Ten News, ABC Radio and Radio 2UE. Dale has also featured in over one hundred newspapers and magazines, including Wealth Creator, My Business Magazine, AFR Boss and Virgin’s In-flight magazine.

At Business Armageddon, Dale will be sharing his coveted 15 Tech tools that will Supercharge Your Business.

I understand, we are in a changing world, with opportunities to learn from youtube, online courses and podcasts, but there is literally no substitute for the learning opportunities and other benefits of attending a live event.

REAL ESTATE ARMAGEDDON is loaded with all of these opportunities!

You'll also be surrounded by people who are just like you — looking to take their businesses and lives to the next level. You'll be exposed to a room full of agents happy to share with you what has and hasn’t worked in their businesses and you will develop relationships you'd never be able to forge if you tried learning this from a webinar.

You are 10 times more likely to get clients, forge business relationships, and generate joint-venture partners when you meet people in person — versus social media, chat rooms, forums, or other more impersonal methods of communication. When it comes to business, it's who you know not how many Facebook friends, tweets or forum posts you have.



Whether you're brand new to the industry, got a bit of experience but are feeling the pain of the changing market, or doing well and looking for that next level, this events equips you with proven systems, real life examples and ‘already tested’ templates that'll get you called in to more listing opportunities.
This event is the perfect event even if you're new to Glenn Twiddle style marketing…

And if you're ADVANCED, you'll get the latest strategies that are working for all our top performers! — get those three or four immediate action steps that could get you that extra one, two or five listings a month.

Jodie Curran followed the very same strategies that you will learn from these mentors and took her business from completely maxed out credit cards to having 6 figures in the bank, a new home and her own island (ask her about that) in less than 12 months!

Take a minute and have a listen to this, seriously motivating story…

If your business has stagnated or SHRUNK over the past several years, then REAL ESTATE ARMAGEDDON could be just the KICK you need to ignite your sales and marketing and set your business up for not only surviving the upcoming onslaught, but thriving!

Maybe you've invested already in some of the Glenn Twiddle training and marketing systems, hey,you are not alone, many of our crew have half-finished letters and Sold flyers, we all know that life gets hectic and gets in the way, trust us, you are not alone.

The difference between the Jodie Curran’s of this world and others, is that Jodie decided to get “back on the horse” but this time to stay!

She took action, attended one of events and grabbed the reins of her career and she still hasn’t let go!


Reason #1

Your $2300 (confirm figure) in free bonuses, INCLUDING a copy of Gary Vee’s book (for the first 400 people only. I bought 400 copies for you guys !!! )

Reason #2

Your Iron Clad, 200% (yes that’s right, 200%) Money Back Guarantee.

So now that I’ve made this a complete no brainer, all that’s left to decide is what level DVD Recordings you'd like to purchase:

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DVD Recordings Full Event & Gary Book - $149


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BUT WAIT! Check Out The Insane Bonus Package The Faculty Of Speakers Has Put Together For You!

PLUS YOU GET $2,000 Worth Of Money Making Material To Get A Head Start! Check Out The Full Bonuses You'll Receive Below.

Glenn Twiddle's Ultimate Question Module

I asked John McGrath, Aaron Shiner, Marcus Chiminello, Phil Harris and every one of the speakers at one of my last events this question...

"If you had to get a listing by the end of business tomorrow, or suffer dire consequences, what would you do?"

A bold masterclass with this variety of answers to get instant listings.

SHHH... Secrets!

Adrian Bo shares a range of marketing pieces and processes he uses in his business TODAY!

Serious, his ales checklist for his PA, some of his most current marketing pieces, all for you to model, swipe and deploy.

Seriously this is worth over $1000 in and of itself !!

The Masterclass Interview

Marcus Chiminello and I go one on one, with the training he WANTED to give you at the Sir Richard Branson event, but couldn't because he was needed by a multi million dollar deal, involving overseas developers, etc.

Anyway, here it is, the last training Marcus is doing for 2016, (he's taking a little break from speaking and training to focus on his business) So here's his farewell training for you


The brand new best selling (well it will be) book by Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary has described that if his first book 'Crush It' had a sequel called 'Crushed It', this would be it. It contains all of the lessons since, and is a completely updated blueprint of how to succeed in the modern business economy, marketing in the year we actually live in.

A must read for every modern day entrepeneur, business owner and salesperson.

James Tostevin Masterclass

James Tostevin has been the #1 in Australian Real Estate for years. This training masterclass shows clearly just why he is, how he did it, and what you can do to emulate that success.

The Complete Prospecting System

Mat Steinwede Shares his CMA System that he uses in his business today!

Learning from one of Australia’s most successful agents and the very first man that John McGrath trusted with the McGrath brand!! Mat never holds back and has given this to you to rip off and use!

The Telephone Prospecting Playbook

Marcus Chiminello & Tom Carlin - A peak of the shoulder listen to when Marcus & Tom talk about calling and the process that these two top performers do when they hit the phones!

The WOW Manifesto

John Dwyer – John shares with an electronic copy of his WOW Manifesto! You have never seen an IDEAS DOSSIER like this!

Its JD’s Life time work of his most successful marketing concepts for businesses ever!

Chris Gilmour's Scripts & Dialogues

Chris Gilmour has shared a closely guarded pack here of his phone scripts, sms scripts, specific call back scripts....and more.

Just take them, implement them into your business and reap the rewards, in the form on COMMISSIONS

The Best 12 Power Listing SMS Messages Of All Time

Speaking of scripts and sms templates, the great Aaron Shiner, shares his best 12. Aaron has tested hundreds of sms scripts, and these are his most successful 12, already proven. Just send them to your database.

Top Performers Ideal Weeks

Top Performers Week – We spoke to all the top performers across Australia and New Zealand and interviewed them on what their weeks looked like! We have collated all this data and come up with what the typical Million Dollar performers week looks like!

The Effortless Empire

Chris Gray, host of Sky's 'Your Property Empire TV Show, gives you a copy of his best selling book 'The Effortless Empire' where he shares with you how he has grown a property empire most would be envious of, with minimal risk.

Building The Perfect Beast

Glenn Twiddle's Building the Perfect Beast Implementation Mentoring program – the tips Glenn uses to get his clients implementing the proven marketing strategies that all of Glenn’s top performing clients use!

PS: If you think you’ve seen it all before, for your sake I ask you to reconsider. Never before has Sydney seen anything that comes close to this event.

I’m sure you saw the rave reviews we saw in 2015 for events that were good, many even said they were the best training events they’d ever been to, and this one will be even better with the addition of Gary Vaynerchuk.

But don’t take my word for it, the worst thing that will happen if I am exaggerating is this. You will receive $400 refund on your $199 ticket, you will have a copy of Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, you will undoubtedly have gotten a few good strategies, and you will have not invested a cent 

(in fact, with my double your money back guarantee, you will have profited either way)
The risk is on me, not you, so I’ll see you there.

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